Sureline Foam Products
Sureline Foam Products

Buy Quality Seal Seam Institutional Mattresses in Calgary


When you need a high volume of mattresses for residents, patients, or inmates, you need those mattresses to fit specific requirements. They should be firm but comfortable for whoever will sleep on them. They should be easy to keep clean and maintain. You may have additional specifications, such as height requirements.

Sureline Foam Products manufactures seal seam institutional mattresses in Calgary. Our mattresses are suitable for university housing, shelters, hospitals, correctional facilities, and other locations. We can fulfill small or high-volume orders and customize them to your institution's needs.

Our Mattresses

Sureline manufactures our mattresses in Calgary. We begin with a durable but cushioned fire-retardant foam core. We cover the foam with vinyl or polyurethane film, and we seal the cover by creating seams with a radio frequency welding machine. We also manufacture mattresses in a variety of lengths to fit your specific needs.

Sealed seam mattresses offer numerous advantages:

  • - They are fluid proof. The foam core stays dry because there are no entrance points for body fluids, cleaning liquids, spilled substances, or moisture of any kind.
  • - They keep out dirt and bed bugs. If fluids can't get in, neither can pests that live inside mattresses or dirt that damages the foam core.
  • - They clean easily. You can wipe them down without moving them, thanks to the sturdy, seam-sealed cover.
  • - They donít use thread, zippers, or tape-edge construction. Those features make some institutional mattresses unsuitable for correctional facilities and other settings.

Sureline Foam Products is proud to be a Canadian-based, family-owned company. We commit to making quality foam mattresses that comply with environmental standards and meet health and safety standards, including fire safety low flammability requirements.

Equip your hospital, university, or other institution with durable seal seam institutional mattresses. Calgary orders may qualify for free delivery. Contact us at 403-274-7721 or today with questions or to place your order.

Institutional Foam Mattresses in Calgary
Institutional Foam Mattresses in Calgary
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